Friday, 24 May 2013

Medical Trials with Intermittent Torture

I had the pleasure of a guest last week at my premises. None other than Mistress Miranda of London whom I've long admired not only for her medical skills and expertise, but for her imaginative torture and bondage techniques.

We decided to carry out some clinical trials on a patient or two, some of which may turn into long term trials. You can read all the details of the trials here on Miss Miranda's blog. It makes for very interesting and amusing reading, so you can imagine what it's like to view. I've been having a look over the footage this weekend and chuckling quite a lot at the poor predicaments we had the patient in. These were not trials for the faint of heart. Luckily he was a very experienced slave and managed to take everything we wanted to give him. The heart rate monitor certainly showed he was still alive when we were finished so that's always a good sign...:)

In other news I've been busy with other filming and a fair bit of running. Due to this I've not been as active with my blog and not as prompt with my email replies. What can I say, I'm a busy Domme and I'm in demand. After next week I think things calm down to a more relaxed pace for me and I'll be able to get my head around some more creative projects I've been putting on hold for a while. I've got a few ideas for bondage equipment that I would like to commission. Top to Bottom Leathers will hopefully be able to come up with exactly what I'm after, they've certainly never let me down in the past. I've also got another fabulous latex patient gown being made and should be ready for pick up next week. This one is for the rubber clinic, made in much heavier black latex with lots of heavy buckles at the back to tighten you in, but also it's big enough to fit most body shapes who present at the clinic......oh how excited am I about this??

Lady Annisa
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  1. Oh what a wonderful thought, 2 wonderful Mistresses to serve. Or maybe a nightmare LOL.


  2. Indeed, stuff dreams are made of! Maybe next time!

  3. Are there any dental pics, just curious? Btw i got the chills by looking at this :0 lol