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Below is an account of a recent Cp session I enjoyed, oh and he enjoyed it too. I don't get as much opportunity to do Cp at this level as I'd like. Either the person cannot take it to this level, or cannot be marked. If anyone reading this thinks he could take this and has no issue with marks, then I'd love to hear from them!

I undress and wait naked, kneeling on the floor as required, listening for your approaching footsteps. It is over two years since my first visit to you as a complete novice. I feel a mixture of excitement with only a little apprehension. I should be nervous but I am not despite hearing the door opening quietly. You turn on the music and walk towards where I am waiting. Already I can feel adrenalin start to pump as I stare at the floor. Now you are standing in front of me and you stroke my back with your crop. It is impossible not to feel aroused.

I sit up when instructed and let you attach a collar around my neck. I am then led the short distance to your bench which will hold me secure for the next hour.  There will be no escape when the restraining straps are secured. I want to be held as tightly as possible.

I listen carefully as you tell me that the punishment will be severe. I have told you that I can go further for you but I know that my limit is likely to be reached. I am prepared mentally for what is to follow and I want to go as far as I possibly can. Previous sessions with you have convinced me that I will cope somehow. We both know I can go further than before.

A proper warm up is important and I start to feel a gentle glow across my buttocks as you hand spank me gently at first but then increasing the intensity. When you are ready you select the first paddle and continue the warm up which has only one purpose. To prepare me for severe caning. Prior to my first session I had never experienced the cane but ever since I have always wanted to return for more. I cannot explain why.

A few further paddles are administered and then you select a variety of tawses, straps and your prized heavy Lochgelly. A minimum of twelve strokes of each are applied to my now stinging buttocks. The strokes today seem harder than before. I begin to wonder if this is just my imagination. I suspect not. Next, you select your heavy paddle and when ready bring it down with great force on each of my buttocks. By now I am gripping the frame of your bench tightly and repeating over and over to myself that I can and will take your punishment in full.

I lose count of the number of strokes and welcome the brief respite as you select from your large number of canes. At least ten are carefully arranged in the order they will be used. I must remember your advice to keep breathing slowly and deeply. The first cane is selected and I look in the mirror as you prepare to deliver the first set of six strokes. There is a look of total concentration on your face as the cane is drawn fully back before you bring it towards my buttocks at high speed. I catch a glimpse as it strikes with a significant sting and then count the next five strokes as they land more or less on the same spot as the first. I can expect at least six more of this cane but in fact I receive a total of eighteen. So far I have barely flinched as the strokes have landed but I know that will not last. The second cane is selected and within a couple of minutes I have counted twelve more strokes. After that I am unable to keep count although I know that each subsequent cane is delivered at least twelve if not eighteen times. Each cane has a different feel and soon I am taking strokes with a real bite and require to grip the frame of your bench as tightly as possible.

This is one way of concentrating on something other than the searing pain being inflicted by every stroke. I have to convince myself that I can and will take my punishment to the very end without seeking your mercy. By now I have no idea how many strokes I have taken but I do know that you are nowhere near finished. Suddenly after one stroke you tell me that for the first time in eight years you have broken a cane. I worry that it is my fault and that I will require to pay an extra penalty. When you select the last of the natural canes I know that the synthetic canes are still to come.

I remember you telling me that there were four synthetic canes and you intend to use each of them. Severe as some of the natural canes are, they are nothing compared to the delrin canes which are now laid out. When you pick up the first of them I feel another surge of adrenalin as I prepare for the first cut. It is always said that the first cut is the deepest and I know exactly what is meant. For something so small and light the pain is almost unbearable. It is just as well I am firmly restrained on your bench since I wonder if I could take these cuts were it not for that. I try concentrating on the music as a distraction but it seems to make no difference today. Strangely some strokes seem to hurt even more than others despite every single one sounding as if they should be the same. Finally I realise that you are holding the first of the delrin canes which you explain is you’re favourite. I know now that the end is close and with one last effort I take the remaining twelve strokes. At last I am freed from your bench and it is time for pleasure!

I have been taken to and punished at my limit for the first time. Previously I have always felt that I could go further. Not now. Future sessions are going to be interesting because I know you will want me to go further for you. Perhaps I can.

Lady Annisa
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  1. Looks painful. Well done to the recipient although I'm sure he was happy to endure the punishment for the wonderful Mistress thar Lady Annisa is. I enjoy CP but doubt I could take it to that level. Maybe I'll find out how far on my next visit.