Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Medical last

I would call this a labour of love, if in fact there was any love involved. Actually, that's not entirely true. I love my medical clinic, I love showing it off, I loved doing the video clips for it, I even loved doing the photography. I just didn't love the long hours trying to work out exactly how to get wordpress to do certain things. However, now it's all done I'm actually quite proud of it. Again I've had some (read, quite a lot) of technical input from a friend as well as picking the brains of other more technically minded Mistresses I'm in contact with. For all their help, I'm truly grateful.


As far as the the non technical stuff then that's all me. The layout, the words, the overall feel. Some people assume we have webgimps who do everything for us. And while I've had a webgimp in the past, I've always taken great care and pride in making sure the site is authentically me. From the feedback I've had so far I think I'm managing that again quite well with this site.

Eventually I get a chance to showcase some of my gorgeous pieces of equipment I've had for a while but not able to show on the old site. Like my vintage dentist chair, my proper ECG monitor and my anaesthetic roleplay gear. As well as my increasing rubber items like the latex bondage catsuit, a selection of patient latex gowns, masks and aprons. 

In addition to this all new shiny, all singing all dancing site, I've been working on some video clips and have great pleasure in opening up a Clips 4 Sale store. Many of my medical fetishists and patients have asked me over the years to do these so that they can get their fix in between visits. There are many different clips as well as many different sides to Nurse/Doctor Annisa. These clips can give the nervous newbie patient a glimpse of what it's like to submit in a medical scenario as well as seeing some things that may just be a bit too extreme to experience personally, but are intriguing just the same.

   Go here to watch me being nice, being nasty or just being bossy!

For my bondage bunnies who love my dungeon and are not so keen on the Clinic, don't worry I've got some lovely new bondage clips ready to go live on my main site. I'm just having a few days rest before I get up and running with doing the techy stuff again.....but stay tuned, and that means you K at the back snoring because there are no bondage pictures!! will be punished!

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