Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Something missing!

Yes, as I got into the swing of things during this session, I thought.....there is just something missing.

Yes, there might have been ankle restraints clipped to the rack. There was a posture collar chained to the overhead gantry. True, there was Top to Bottom Arm Binders in situ, and a massive ball gag to keep him from moaning too loudly, but still there seemed to be something missing. Ahh yes, those nipple, though not visible, don't seem to be getting any treatment or attention. Oh I do so hate catsuits without nipple access!

Now, that's better! A bit of predicament bondage. Each time he moves, even slightly, the chains from his neck pull on the clover clamps now pulling on his nipples. Not quite as painful as when they are on the flesh fully, but painful none the less!


  1. Lovely! Life without nipple clamps would be so much less interesting. I'm sure your subjects would agree.

  2. Must be a regular. Looks so pleased to see you!!!!
    Oh must stop being jealous.

  3. yes, it's not really torture without the clovers!