Sunday, 28 October 2012


I'm back. Well to be honest I've been back for a week or two. However, like anyone who has been on an extended trip, when you come back it takes a while to get back into things. Lots of catching up to do as everyone wants to see me yesterday, and everyone wants to know how it all went.

Well, Africa was amazing. Doing the trek really puts a lot of things in perspective. I spent a lot of time with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I also spent a lot of time with my own thoughts, reflecting, and contemplating. It's good for the soul I reckon to get away from it all and establish just what's important in life. For the first time ever during a break away I didn't think once about my life as a Pro-domme and I have to say that felt good to completely switch off from that side of things and recharge my batteries being just me and only having to think about my basic needs. There came a point, I think it was around 4600 metres up, in minus 15 degrees when I realised that all I really cared about was being warm, being fed and getting some sleep. As I said, it puts things into perspective. I really didn't care that I was dirty, that my hair hadn't been brushed, that I hadn't had a shower in a week. For someone who is so image conscious, this was actually quite liberating. And again it puts things in perspective. Yes I hadn't had a shower, but I had managed to see the sun rise over Africa, and to see it set in the most dramatic landscape I've ever seen. Suddenly, being clean matters not a jot. Also terribly humbling is when, on the trek, you pass a number of shrines built to commemorate the passing of someone who died at that particular spot on the mountain while trying to concur it. That too makes wanting to have a shower seem like the most trivial thing ever, wanting to come back down alive and with all my digits seemed far more important then. So yes, I did come back down alive and with all my digits, to happily have the best shower ever when we got back to our hotel.

My follow on break was rather chilled out. I deliberately choose 3 destinations that I've been to before so that I didn't feel the need to rush about doing touristy things in case I was quite tired. On the contrary, I was quite energised and could have done a far more energetic holiday in hindsight. Having said that I did do a bit of running. I ran a few more bridges during my stop over in London, and ran Brooklyn Bridge and central park while I was in New York. Again for the first time ever I didn't seek out any kink on my travels so no new toys to bring back with me. Having said that, I did make a few large purchases before I left so that probably sated me for a while. More on those all in due course...:) I think I can safely say my medical fetishists will be indulged, my dental fetishists will be smiling and my breath play fetishists with be....ermmm, breathless!

My fundraising total is just £33 away from hitting the £4,000 mark. So if there are any Obsessive Compulsive types out there who like a rounded off figure as much as I do please feel free to pledge a donation to help me sleep easier as odd figures just give me nightmares! The deadline for banking the sponsor money is this week, so anyone still wishing to donate do let me know and I'll put the money in until we next meet.

Lots of people have been asking me what's my next challenge. I've been quite surprised and quite enthused by this. I did wonder if people would get a bit of charity fatigue and be bored of me raising cash and want a rest. However, from conversations over the last week with family, friends, clients and acquaintances it seems that's not the case. I do have another challenge in mind, though I'm going to research it a bit more and make a final decision by Christmas. Again, I really want my next challenge to be quite physically demanding, and after Kilimanjaro I don't want to do something that just doesn't compare!

For those missing kink in my are my boots for you to worship...:)


  1. Well done £20 towards it. £13 to go.

  2. It was great to hear about your experiences when I visited last week. I could have listened to you for hours on what happened on the ascent.


  3. Looking forward to hearing about your trip on my next visit


  4. Anon, thanks for the pledge. As you know I've now reached the £4000 target so I'll hold you to your donation towards the next charity challenge! Thanks again.

  5. Rob, always happy to entertain with my witty banter and repartee. Failing that, a good dose of sadism will suffice!

  6. Jim, not sure if you could hear anything with all that rubber on!...:)