Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Update and random nonsense

It's been almost a month since my last blog...tut tut. However, life is very hectic with me at the minute. I'm training most days for some length of time. Managing to hike at least one day a week and sometimes two. Other days I'm spending 4 hours in the gym. If I don't make it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro it will not be for the lack of training, it will most likely be altitude sickness. Having said that, I'm incredibly determined and will do everything I can to get there. The list of kit that I need is endless, so as well as the training I've been spending loads of time in outdoor shops and online researching and purchasing everything I think I need. Sometimes I've had to return items when I've been disappointed in their non existent all singing all dancing properties. A girl sometimes can never be satisfied!

There have been some interesting developments with my training. I've discovered that my thigh muscles and my calf muscles have increased in size. Trying to get my skinny jeans on over these ever expanding muscles has been a workout in itself. However, an added plus I discovered last week in session is that those incredibly toned thigh muscles can be used to crush a set of tied up balls quite nicely. I'm not sure he enjoyed it quite as much as I did but it was all part of a ball busting session that had taken my fancy just at the last minute. I actually had something else in mind for the session but hey, when an opportunity presents itself, who am I to turn it down!

I've taken lots of pics of people in the last month or so in session. I'm hoping to get around to sending them to the lucky individuals soon. I just need another free hour to sort that out. However, I've not forgotten so if you're waiting on your pics then I'm on the case, honest.

I've reluctantly taken down my telephone number from my site as a temporary measure which may in fact become permanent. I decided when my new site went live to do an audit of the calls I got, how many where genuine enquiries with genuine questions I was happy to answer and how many were just looking for wank material. I'm sad to say that in the 6 weeks or so since my site has gone live there has been not one, not one single call that has been something that either was not answered on my site or not just absolute nonsense. A little snippet of these are as follows...

1. Ones who phone to ask the tribute, it's on not one, but two pages of the site.

2. Those that phone to ask how to make an appointment. They have to scroll past the text on my site that tells them this before coming to my telephone number. On every occasion I've said you need to email me your details and we can take it from there. Not one person has then gone on to email me. Can I take it from that these calls were less than genuine? Oh I know I'm just a cynical bitch!

3. Those that call at 5pm on a Sat or Sunday (I've stopped even answering these) nobody who is serious about coming to see you calls at the weekend. These are times when their wives are still out shopping and they find themselves alone at home. They will call random Mistresses in the hope of getting some wank chat.

4. Those calls, and there have been many in the last 6 weeks, who call out with my hours for taking calls, either very late at night, or very early in the morning. Obviously not read my site properly and have no intentions of engaging properly. Again, they are just looking for wank chat.

5. Those who text looking to engage. I never, ever answer unsolicited texts. They only waste their own time. I have to wonder if there are actually Mistresses out there who will engage in this? Surely there must be or these people would just give up on something that was not yielding a response?

6. And lastly, those ones who call from withheld numbers despite me saying I don't take these calls. I suspect they are just trying to see if you actually will stand by what you say on your site.

Anyway, lets move on from that nonsense swiftly. My target for fund raising is sitting at just over the 90% I need to raise. A few people have expressed an interest in donating but won't get a chance to see me before I go. If this is the case let me know and I'd happily put the amount in for you and you can donate when we next session.

And finally, September is my birthday month. A girl sometimes needs spoiled. I've never mentioned on here or my site about my birthday before, but given lately all my time and effort has been spent on buying not so glamorous items for my trip, I'm feeling the need to be pampered and spoiled. If you'd like to indulge me then click Here to see what would bring a smile to my face!


  1. Spent an enjoyable hour perusing your site, when waiting for artistic inspiration to strike its always helpful to look at beautiful and or inspirational images, your site has both.

  2. Kenny, thank you very much for your kind comment. It's always good to get some feedback....:)