Friday, 4 May 2012

Kilimanjaro Charity update....non kink blog!

I've decided to give a quick update on my Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge as quite a few people have been emailing me asking how things are coming on. Rather than reply individually I've promised to update here.

Last month my physical challenge went full speed ahead. I gave myself the mini challenge of attending as many different exercise classes as possible as well as doing my normal running. So by the month's end I had panted, puffed, endured and sweated through a plethora of activities. As you can guess they reminded me of muscles I'd long forgotten about but also gave me some insight into a few different forms of exercise that I've surprised myself by actually enjoying. The ones I indulged in were zumba, aqua zumba, aerobics, aqua aerobics, step, body pump, body combat, yoga, body balance (a combination of pilates, tai chi and yoga) Legs, bums and tums, spin fit, tap, and body attack. The ones I've been most drawn to surprisingly are yoga and body balance....maybe all my aggression comes out in sessions and this gives me balance!

As far as the fund raising goes, the balance at the moment is sitting around £2,200. Thank you so much to everyone who has given so generously so far, and a special thanks to the lovely gent who won the charity auction for a 2 hour session. I had a ball putting you through your paces....all in the name of charity of course! I'm hoping to raise a total of £3750 which looks very achievable. Given I've not started fund raising fully with friends and family I'm sure there will be no problem managing this amount. Of course, as promised I will auction off another session around August time for another chance to bid/win.

Right, a fully fledged, full fat, full on kink blog will follow soon.....I promise!

In the meantime if you're getting perversion withdrawal symptoms, here's a pic to keep you going!

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