Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Suspension of sorts

At the weekend I did a 3 hour indoor climbing tutorial. I've done indoor climbing before, but not this year, and as my climbing had concentrated on just the climbing and not really the belaying, I decided a refresher course was needed. During the time on the walls we tried various different grades of climbs and gradients. I was quite pleased with what I could manage. What I wasn't looking forward to was the 'throwing yourself off the wall' for your buddy to get practice at safe belaying for when this happens for real. I've always had a problem with the letting go and trusting the person below to take get me back down safely. I've been known to totally freeze if I think they're not paying attention or don't have the tension just right on the ropes. Anyway the time came for me to do it, just as my climbing buddy had managed 2 not so good attempts to belay safely for another climber!...This did not fill me with confidence. However, I'm never going to progress if I don't trust my climbing buddy to look after me. So there I was half way up the wall when I knew it must be about time to throw myself off, I just had to close my eyes and hope when I let go and flew out into mid-air I wasn't going to end up a pancake or crumpled heap at the feet of my novice climbing buddy while she stood waving her arms in the air frantically doing hysterics! And sure enough, all went well, I dangled about in mid air for a few seconds taking in the full view of the Ratho indoor climbing centre (it really is a spectacular building!) before I was gently lowered back down to terra firma and an ecstatic climbing buddy. When it was my turn to get her down safely I had no fears at all, I have far more confidence when I'm in control (no surprise there then!) and managed to pull it off perfectly. And on we continued enjoying throwing ourselves off the wall for the last half hour of our course, enjoying the new found freedom that letting go brings.

This brings me neatly onto thinking about someone first coming to see a Professional Mistress. Like my experience you have to put your trust in someone you hardly know. allow them to guide you safely through any dangers and pitfalls there may be, but while doing so you can get a total freedom of letting go and the excitement and ecstasy that can bring. Lots of situations in life mean we have to put faith in someone else, or put our faith in a process. Sometimes we are let down, but the process in itself allows us to grow and move on as individuals. Otherwise we limit ourself and our experiences to those we feel comfortable with, and never know the potential of what life really has to offer if you're brave!

Talking of brave...the climbing instructor was a brave man indeed, he tried to hit on me and give me his telephone number at the end....pity I don't think he is submissive!

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