Friday, 20 April 2012

Gags part 2

Thank you for all the comments on my gags, part 1 blog. So here is part 2. If you want to reread part one, here it is!

I was sessioning with one of my fabulous rubberist guys at the weekend. He happens to be a gag slut too and reminded me that I still had this blog to write. We spoke a bit about tape gags and he mentioned microfoam tape. I've yet to use it to gag, but have used it for it's primary purpose. However, given how it looks in the picture below, I think I'll have to give it a try soon. I love how you can see all the contours of the lips in it. I enjoy having someone taped, or when they have latex over their face, just running my tongue along the contours of their lips, it's electric!...ok, enough of this or I'll be the one drooling.

I was reminded by the good Lady Grey of some of the simpler methods of gagging that I'd forgotten to mention. Stockings, lingerie, the above mentioned tape over mouth etc. One way of doing this so that there is no risk of the item going too far into the mouth is to place something inside a stocking leg, half way down, like a pair of my panties, then the stocking can be tied around the head, very simple and works very well.  Due to the nature of the fabric, it absorbs all the saliva that is produced so no real drool with this one, but a good one nonetheless, especially if the person is informed that they are being gagged with your just helps the headspace of getting them to shut up...using my femininity...oh and brute force! The stocking gag also works well with a sponge placed half way down the stocking, this also absorbs the saliva. Of course, as has been pointed out, it's not the best for noise reduction, but still works very well. In fact I've yet to come across any gag that will render the submissive totally silent.

I've got a few gag head harnesses. These look quite extreme, and can feel it if the harness is pulled very tight. These usually have the added benefit of having D rings so that you can secure the head and make bondage feel more extreme as can be seen in the picture above. Someone visited me recently who had his own custom made gag harness in pink leather, how cute. It had an O ring at the mouth with some added metal protrusions to add to the drooling. Quite effective it was too. I managed to rub it in all over his chest area, quite humiliating for him, and hugely amusing for me. In fact I got to tease him quite a lot because he was drooling at both ends for me! 

Funnel gags look amazing, but to be fair, I'm going to be stupidly obvious when I point out that they are rather position dependent. They work better if the person is almost semi recumbent. If they are lying flat, then any fluids can stream in and cause choking. If they are more upright then with the longer tube version, the tube kinks and causes problems, and with the no tube version....well lets just say that would be foolish to attempt to pee into a pot that's vertical!

The gag above is a form of dental gag with tooth guards. It's fairly easy to fit in the mouth and leads to quite a bit of drooling. What I like about this gag is the D ring at the front which means the person can be led about or shackled to something else, for instance a piece of bondage furniture, the cell door, or their own bondage restraints such as wrist cuffs or bondage mitts.

The last picture here is a gag I love using. Not so much to get the saliva going, more for breath control with an added rebreather bag. It has nose clips to ensure a good seal especially when worn with a latex hood.This means the smell of latex becomes quite intoxicating!


  1. Microfoam gags are just lovely!Ofcourse there must be some good stuffing first! Very muffling and very comfortable to wear,one can be gagged for hour without any problems at all!


  2. Peter, I've only just come across your comment, thank you for reading and replying.