Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anal Antics.

Those that follow twitter will have read small snippets on my recent purchases for anal play. Going back to the beginning, then I'll fill you in (ohh er matron!) on how anal play began for me.

When I first stated exploring BDSM all those years ago, anal play was probably close to being on my hard limits list. More because it didn't do much for me and not that I was turned off by it, just not turned on. Then I met someone who was lets just say anally fixated. Though his desire for anal was clear, also was the fact that I didn't want to go near it. However, as that relationship developed into something quite meaningful, I started to wonder what it would be like to anally fuck my boy. This curiosity went on for quite a while until I decided I wanted to try it to see how I felt about it mentally as well as physically. Anyway, the short route to the answer is I enjoyed it...a lot! But then I wasn't sure if I had enjoyed it so much because I was doing something so intimate with someone I felt deeply about. As it turned out, I did enjoy it with others in a professional capacity, just not as much due to the intimacy being less so. I still enjoyed the power rush, the anticipation, the whole feeling of invasion and taking from someone despite it appearing like an act of giving. I might give them a good arse rodgering, but I take so much more from them too.

When I started Pro-domming I bought myself a Vac-u-loc strap on harness and quite a few dildos, adding to the collection over the years. Despite having spent a small fortune on this, I've always been a bit disappointed that they only seem to make and supply larger dildos. Many an ass has been unable to take even the smallest of my cocks. So this year after quite a few years of promising myself, I decided to purchase a new dildo harness. One that would be able to take a huge range of sizes from the very smallest of dildos to the largest ass ripping cocks. So I've gone back to my favourite leather supplier Top to bottom leathers and asked them to make me the harness above. I'm quite excited about it, given I've waited so long to buy another good quality harness. I remember the Vac-u-loc one cost me £100 way back 7 years ago now, and although I see they are more reasonably priced now, I guess I've had my money's worth out of it. It will still be making an appearance though, so I won't be sending it to harness heaven just yet.

So I'm now all stocked up with various different sizes, shapes and materials of dildos. I've had quite a bit of fun choosing, getting all hot and bothered looking at the various types. I've also been quite frustrated at times, as I like everything to be aesthetically pleasing to me, I've been looking at either black or red dildos. Of course when I see something I like, do they do it in my colour choice?....do they buggery......or not as the case may be!

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