Saturday, 17 March 2012

Weekend sessions, have you something better to do?

I recently had someone ask me at short notice for an appointment today in my clinic. He doesn't often get the chance to session at the weekend and was hoping I could fit him in. I limit my weekend sessions normally, and certainly only do one session which then leaves me time to still enjoy the weekend. So anyway, getting back to today, I had made some arrangements with family members to meet up and do some official family business dealing with the bereavement I had last year. Given this chap was probably wanting to give his excuse as being away at footie, his window of opportunity was around the footie game. This clashed with my arrangements, but since he's been coming to me on and off for nearly 5 years and he doesn't get a chance often then I decided, if I could, I'd rearrange my appointment for earlier in the day to give me time to get to my premises. I asked the 2 other members of my family if they would mind meeting early. Luckily there was enough notice for them to do this even though one was travelling quite a distance.

So arrangements made I got up at silly o'clock to fit in my training. My running is coming on and I'm almost back at the time/distance I was before my op. Then comes the text to confirm, or not as the case may be. It read 'I hope you don't mind but it's a lovely day today and I think I'd rather be outdoors doing outdoors stuff so can we cancel and reschedule for another time!!!! What on earth are you meant to reply to that? Ok, I won't go into the replies I was tempted to make. Suffice to say I'm not best pleased. When I make a commitment to see someone, I make a commitment. I honour that commitment come hail, rain or shine, even if it is the only day of the year that Edinburgh is basked in sunshine.  If I've made a commitment to session, then I intend to honour it and not decide what to do depending on the degree of cloud cover!

Some people may think this is acceptable. I don't. I have a life, just like every other person on the planet. I have things I'm committed to, things I like to do, things that need done and god forbid but we Mistresses even need to pay bills. God knows what image some people have of us. Do we sit around all day filing our nails, at our premises, waiting for the phone to ring, happy to accept any sort of behaviour and attitude because we need the money? I think not! I don't session the way they do at commercial premises, I don't take walk off the street appointments, I take time to select play partners who will gel with my style and ethos. Obviously sometimes I get it wrong. Or maybe because I'm easy going in some respects this gives people the impression I'm happy to be trod on. Think again. I have a low tolerance level for shit, and now I'm making it public I have an absolute zero tolerance policy on this sort of shit. If you want to mess people about, treat them like a convenience store and disrespect their time and arrangements then do it somewhere else. This will not be tolerated by me, end of.

So after this weekend I will no longer be taking bookings for weekend appointments apart from those 3 people who session regularly with me at the weekend and never let me down. These people know who they are, respect my time and appreciate me seeing them at weekends. To those others who might have wanted a weekend appointment and are genuinely respectful, then I'm sorry to have to be like this but it always only takes one to ruin it for the rest. However, I'm sure you will agree, when all is said and done, family come first!

And on that note.....end of rant!

Normal service shall be resumed shortly!


  1. My goodness. What an utter utter twerp. How can someone who has seen you for 5 years have no apparent respect for you as a person, a professional, or appreciation for what you do. If it was the other way around and you cancelled because you'd rather be strolling around a sunny park than sessioning with him he'd be mighty pissed and probably questioning your professionalism.

    Sometimes people don't appreciate what they have until they lose it. I take it you're not sessioning with him again?


  2. I can imagine if any of us cancelled on a whim like that. Our professional reputation would be in the gutter, but it seems like it's one rule for one and another for us. Anyway, regarding him coming back, what do you think? Zero tolerance means exactly that!

    I mostly don't suffer from this sort of thing and have come to the conclusion that being the only Mistress permanently in Edinburgh means that people cannot afford to piss me off. The nearest Medical Mistress to me is your good self, 200 miles away and now that you've closed your books that bridge has well and truly been burned.

  3. Like you I don't get too much messing around any more but when it does happen it staggers me that people can be so inconsiderate and rude. I was used to it in the early years of my career as a PD but after weeding out the imbeciles and being graced by the presence of polite clients a good dose of imbecility knocks me for six. I think this is one of the main reasons why I closed my books. I can't bear the fairly common disrespect out there for us Ladies.

    Thankfully though, I won't get it any longer. Huzzah!

  4. Any fool who prefers a sunny day, to time in the presence of a goddess of your undeniable qualities is :-
    No. 1 Not a devoted slave (which is the least you deserve)
    No. 2 A Moron

  5. A serious lack of respect doing this to you.