Monday, 12 March 2012

Medical Mistress, is this how it is?

Recently someone who has been to see me regularly over the years sent me a link with an hour long Medical Scene in it. He's never done medical and wanted to know if this clip was representative of how a medical session would be. He's obviously curious and typically a bit nervous at the prospect of some of the more challenging scenes in the clip.

It took me a few days before I had the time to fully view the clip given it's length. Afterwards I wrote back to him to say that all of the activities were absolutely things that can and do happen in a medical session, depending on pre negotiated limits, but in general it was indicative of the things that I do. What I did have to point out just because I am pedantic in this context is that there were a whole catalogue of errors in the clip when it comes to cross infection potential. Now I'm not normally one to criticise how someone else does things. However, when it comes to Medical sessions where the potential for problems increase tenfold and it's obvious that the person concerned has never been taught proper aseptic technique when carrying out medical procedures, then I'm apt to get a bit more vocal. What I'm concerned about is, the fact that I know some people only gain their medical knowledge from watching medical clips out there on tinternet. This means that there is potential for hundreds of people watching those clips to think that's all there is to it. See one, do one teach one kind of idea. My opinion is, if you've not got a medical background, or you've not been taught by someone who has, then you're being irresponsible with people's health. Simple as that, harsh I know but it's bloody serious stuff this.

A small snippet of the kind of thing I'm ranting on about...

1. Catheterisation - She catheterised the person without cleaning the penis first. She used non sterile gloves. She opened the catheter and touched it all the way along the length of it, so as you can imagine, a non sterile gloved hand with all the bacteria it is carrying transferring that bacteria to the tip of the catheter and then subsequently into the bladder....ohh happy days for rapidly multiplying bacteria. She then continued to wear said gloves and touch his nipples, his balls and the furniture.

2. Saline infusion/injection into the scrotal sac. She drew up saline from a bottle without medi-swabbing the bottle, therefore transferring bacteria to the tip of the needle. She then proceeded to inject the saline into his scrotum without changing the needle. Therefore we have a blunt needle entering his sac, not to mention the risk of bacteria from the bottle going into his sac. Then she withdrew and drew up from the bottle again, using the self same needle that had been inside him transferring any bacteria from his skin (which she hadn't cleansed) via the needle directly back into the bottle, not to mention probably blood cells and skin particles. She then proceeded to do this at least 8 times as she injected his balls and then onto a foreskin infusion. All, as I said, with the one needle. no wonder the guy was climbing the walls. Apart from anything else that needle is getting blunter and blunter with each entry.

3. Bladder washout. She basically did the same thing with the bladder washout. Using a syringe she drew up from the bottle without cleaning it first, she did not wipe the end of the catheter before disconnecting it, she then put the sterile syringe with fluid down on the guys chest thus contaminating it, while she disconnected the catheter bag, and then hilariously hung it around his neck so that then proceeded to drip urine all over the place. She then went back and forth with the same syringe, continually putting it down on her trolley or on his chest in between drawing up and syringing into his bladder. When she finally decided to remove the catheter, she pulled it out, let the end of it trail all over his chest and then proceed to dump it on her trolley. Nobody has obviously taught her to keep clean and dirty items as far apart as possible. I dread to think about all the other items on that trolley being used for the next person having had someone else's used catheter sitting over all these items. We are talking a whole host of needles, syringes, gloves etc.

4. She didn't change her gloves after the removal of the catheter and continued to touch his nipples which had needles in them and therefore open wounds.

5. At various times she did anal stuff and then proceeded to touch other things with those contaminated hands/gloves, IE the furniture and the sub. God knows what kind of bum bacteria is floating around her medical room at any given time.

There were many more but that is just the more glaringly obvious ones. As I said, I'm not normally one to pick holes in other peoples practice. However, given the potential for damage I just wish people would ask someone who knows about this sort of stuff to teach them properly before they get all gung ho about doing it after seeing someone else do it on the net. You're only ever going to be as good as the person or method teaching you, and if you've learnt from the net, then don't be surprised when something comes back to bite you on the arse!

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  1. Euww. I think I sicked a bit after reading that. I too have seen medical films that were bacteria friendly and aseptic free.

    I also wish people wouldn't use sterile gloves thinking that they are the only consideration that aseptic procedures need. If you don't know about the sterile field then sterile gloves aren't going to help you.

    I was trained by a very precise and careful nurse and I'm glad for it.


  2. I've been asked who the Mistress in question is, I actually don't know. I don't think she specifically promotes herself as a specialist Medical Mistress which is just as well!

  3. Miss Sultry Belle16 July 2012 at 21:00

    Very interesting, stumbled on to your blog from a link on your Twitter. I don't offer medical a part from needle play. Medical makes me quite squeamish and I also woudln't do it without being trained.