Friday, 3 February 2012

Kilimanjaro Kick Start

My training for Kilimanjaro has not quite started yet. At the moment I'm not allowed to do my running for another 2 weeks and it's another 8 weeks before I can do the Boot Camp I've signed up for. I'm getting itchy feet with all this inactivity. So I've headed back to the gym a couple of times this week, just to do some power walking and power cycling. The temptation to just go for it with the running is killing me.....but I'm being very restrained, for once!

So given the training can't quite start yet my thoughts have turned to the other side of the challenge, the fund raising side. I've had a bit of inspiration to kick start the funds coming in. In fact I've now got loads of ideas running around in my head (well at least there is some running going on, and I don't need to worry about any damage done with that type!). Anyway back to my despite my last blog about not always getting what you want, I'm going to turn that on it's head for the month of February and give you just exactly what you want! Anyone coming for a session in February who puts a donation into my charity box can either request a certain outfit for me to wear, or request a certain session type activity. sensible about this, don't request I session just wearing a thong....cos it aint going to happen boys! Nor should you request anything that is on my hard limits, but really I'm sure I didn't need to point that out. So if you've ever hankered after trying something new but where too shy to ask then just put it in an email to me with the pledge to pop a donation in my box and Lady Annisa will oblige......oh and please don't insult me by putting just a £1 in the box....or you will be spanked, you have been warned....:D


  1. Ah so. how much needs to go in the box for ugg boots during a session?

  2. Oh, I think that's got to be a hard limit....well maybe if someone sponsored the full target amount of £3750 then I could be persuaded....:)