Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sutures, Needles and Anaesthetic

I've been indulging in my favourite fetish, bloodplay, needles, sutures and all things medical. Not all totally expected but then life is never dull at the Fetish Clinic nor is the life of a Medical Mistress routine.

I happened to use the biggest needles I've got (well except for the biopsy needles!) and pierced a deserving slut through the nipples on Monday. He took the pain well, didn't scream, he was warned, and basically endured probably his most painful activity for him to date just because I wanted to experiment with him. I wanted to see how much he could take pain wise after he had orgasm'd, and also to determine if his submissiveness diminished post orgasm. I've been interested in this for a while noting the difference in some people, but that's a whole other blog, for another time. Back to my nipple treatments, as I said he did quite well. He's managed to orgasm while enduring the insertion of a metal sound and some anal treatments, all of which shocked him I think. I was pleased so after a bit of comedown and a bite to eat I decided it was time to take him into the dungeon.

All going well, I had him on his back, on my rack with his arms above his head, his legs in stirrups and all strapped in. I was enjoying more anal treatments of him but then decided as is my wont, that I would climb up on the rack and in doing so bumped my head on the overhead gantry. When I say bumped, that's exactly how it felt, nothing more, carried on with what I had intended doing and was leaning over said slut when I thought I noticed blood coming from his nipples, lots of it, and it was pooling all over him....lovely to see but a bit disconcerting considering I'd taken the needles out a good half hour to an hour before. Then it suddenly twigged.....the blood was not his, but mine, dripping fast and furious from my head wound that I'd thought was just a bump......ooops. That's what happens when you're enjoying yourself, you just don't notice the pain or you process it differently. So a bit of a clean up job required with pressure applied to said wound. I do normally suit red, but dripping down the middle of my face and bouncing off my chin onto my boobs is never a good look....not even for me. However, I was a total trooper and despite the most massive laceration you've ever seen (think Grand Canyon here!....ok, maybe just Cheddar Gorge.....ok maybe just a tiny fault line then!) I carried on....needs must and all that, hey I was enjoying myself and nothing should get in the way of unadulterated hedonism!

Fast forward a few hours and I found myself and my Grand Canyon sitting in the waiting area of the local A&E department. With the company of the great unwashed, the hygienically challenged and mentally hopeful I decided the best option was to stick my nose in my kindle and escape the worst that the Scottish National Health service has to deal with (I've seen enough over the past 20 odd years to make even the most entertaining of evenings in A&E just as mundane as a day at the office!). Eventually I was seen by a twenty something Registrar who was far too fresh faced to be dealing with the plethora of retards I'd been sitting amongst, maybe she was on drugs...! Anyway after the usual examination she concluded that I needed sutures and would proceed to go get some local anaesthetic before commencing the suturing. I had other plans and said I'd rather she just went ahead with the suturing. This stopped her in her tracks....she was already bouncing out the door in her reeboks heading for the lignocaine with adrenaline. Not a normal request I'll grant you, but I did explain to her that I knew it would take at least 3 injections to numb the area, and given how many sutures it needed, she would probably be not much more if she just went ahead and sutured without. She was rather amused and intrigued that someone should request no local, but I was even more amused when I told her that when I do sutures, nobody gets the option of local. I don't think she quite believed me but she enjoyed herself carrying on suturing my head while chatting about what a good pain threshold I've got. I'm now sporting some rather fetching blue nylon highlights in my hair and have my first chapter in my book of dungeon based injuries written. No subbies were harmed in the making of this blog....honest, he thoroughly enjoyed every minute!


  1. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident and the resulting head injury ! I wonder what the sub thought when he felt this liquid on his chest and you told him it was your blood !
    I would loved to have been in the A&E dept when you told the Registrar that an anaesthetic would not be required and that when you do sutures no one gets the option of a local anaesthetic , I would have loved to have seen the look on her face and the conversation that followed.
    I am also most interested in your research to post orgasm pain threshold and to what degree does the submission diminish post orgasm !
    Perhaps I'm a patient in this clinical trial and don't know about it yet ! Though I'd love to help in anyway with the advancement of medical science and treatments !

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  3. Oh you look absolutely stunning Lady Annisa