Thursday, 3 November 2011


I've been tempted in the past to say I don't do role play, but that's not strictly true. So then I've said, I only do role play as such with 2 or 3 people whom I enjoy some scenarios we've acted out together. In all of these 3 cases I've been sessioning with the person for a long time, one for over 5 years, the others about 3 years. I think it's fair to say I know them quite well. In my earlier days as a Pro-Domme I tended to experiment with role play a bit more often. Eventually deciding on just indulging with the few people that I had a great time with. Those that had an initial idea, something I could let my imagination run with. One in particular we immerse ourselves in it so much it's hard to not become so engrossed, that I forget who I really am, well I certainly do for the time we are in role.

Mostly I avoid what you would typically call role play these days. I avoid it because I enjoy the ones I do but don't really want to indulge any more unless something that really piqued my interest came along. While writing about my recent adventures about Maid Smart, I got thinking more in depth about role play and my thoughts on it. I've wondered how far you could say any of our play in Professional Domination is role play. Thinking about it, a lot falls into the role play category. One that springs to mind is the role of Medical Mistress or Fetish Nurse, well unless you have a Medical Degree or Nursing qualification, then you are playing a role and effectively role playing. Lets face it, our fetish clinic patients certainly don't require to have sounds invading their urethra, nor do they really medically require that 2 litre enema bag we are about to introduce to their rectum. Unless you are 24/7 Mistress to every submissive and slave who comes to you, then you are playing a role for the duration of your encounter. To a lesser or greater degree you are playing a role. Some call this acting, I'm not so sure. I feel it's more a role we take on while exerting and enjoying our Dominant nature, after all you don't need to be Dominant to act. Dominance is something that I feel is with us and inherent to our personality, not something you take off and put on for certain encounters. Dominance is something once you hone it and develop it, runs through your core, pulsing in your veins, it's just who you are. It need not be on show for everyone to see, nor does it need to be at the forefront of your encounters, but it's there 24/7.

Some people are quite Dominant but don't get any sexual pleasure from it, some can't get sexual pleasure without being Dominant, both of which are equally valid and both types of Dominant will have those who are drawn to them for their type of Dominant qualities. Who are we to say what is the 'right' way to be Dominant.  I've also seen some people sneer at those who like to indulge in role play as if it is not quite as Dominant or twoo as just being yourself. Again, who is in any position to sit in judgement? I'd like to think we can all live and let live, though that might be a tad naive I'll stay hopeful and continue doing my kind of role play, when I feel like it.


  1. I'm so glad you do your kind of role play when you feel like it and not just to perform or act out a situation because someone has requested it. I always think its more important to have that connection that makes both individuals have a mind blowing experience out of the interaction they have between them.
    If both sides have an outlook to strengthen the relationship between them, surely this can only
    enhance the joy and happiness that comes from the roles they have.

  2. Dear Lady Annisa, I must endorse what rubbercelt has said. I would hate to be allowed to session with you and have a long list of what was wanted. While we all have needs and expectations I would far rather you decide what you want to do. The other thing is that as a sub would I want to try and control something when I have complete trust in you?