Saturday, 8 October 2011

Wow, that was a trip and a half!

I'm a bit jet lagged, it's after 4am and I'm fully awake! So what else to do other than come here and get all excited about my new toys. I've indulged in a spot of retail therapy while away. It would have been more but for my weight restriction on my luggage for coming home....damn!

So, here is a few pictures of a lovely new set of arm mitts/binders that I bought from Mr S Leather while I was in San Francisco. They smell amazing and I can't wait to use them. I think there might be one lucky person getting them tried out on him this weekend before I officially return to sessioning next week.

They look amazingly versatile, and I especially like the idea of using them with suspension....just to get someone on their tip-toes....and feel vulnerable. I feel the need for a heavy bondage session coming on!!!

Right, that is all for now, more later when I'm properly awake!


  1. That's quite an item, Lady A. In the first photo, it looks as though it obviates the need of the wrists to bear the brunt of the strain while in vertical suspension, or am I wrong about that? From what I'm seeing, the downward pull would be borne by the entire arm. That would mean that the ties arond the arm all the way down would have to be quite tight, right? Or do the straps that come down over his lats also bear some of the weight?

    Thank you for the picture show and have fun experimenting.

  2. Good question Lady Grey. I will be trying them out today to see what's the best way to have them/work with them....I'm certainly looking forward to using them and will report back with hopefully some actual photographs of them being used!

  3. Having used this now, the wrists don't bear much strain at all, given that they are not used for full suspension. Though as you pointed out the ties down the arm are much better when they are tight, as you would have in serious bondage anyway, but the shoulder straps give an added element of being restrained too.