Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Intorducing the Dude in the Hood!

While buying my arm mitts at Mr S leather they were so enthusiastic about their products that the guy serving me wanted to be sure I know the best and easiest way to put the arm mitts and shoulder strap on. He proceeded to talk me through putting them on constantly referring to the person who was going to be in the bondage mitts as the Dude...so on he would go saying, get the dude to stand with his back to you, then get the dude to raise his arms and so on. I found this really amusing so when I first tried them out this weekend of course I required a Dude...and a dude I got.

Once in the new bondage mitts, I decided to add in a hood, and therefore he then became the Dude in the Hood.......and amused me no end. I was also amazed by how quickly he became very spacey. I decided to attach the back of the shoulder straps to the suspension, not to suspend, just to cause a bit of disorientation while keeping the dude in an upright position, even if his knees felt weak at any point. I've take a few pics as you can see but I did intend to take more....I just got otherwise distracted with the whole intense bondage session and the dynamic. Very quickly the camera was forgotten about to be fair....!


  1. My first kinky bondage item was a much simpler type of armbinder, yet I remember some great time with them.

    These arm binders look great. I noticed them on Mr S website before and wondered how they would feel. So jealous.

  2. The Dude in the hood is one lucky Dude, lol
    I'd love to try it ! Looks like it would be fun with CBT and NT or anything else Mistress wishes. I think I just incriminated myself, Oh dear !