Saturday, 17 September 2011

The training of Maid Smart (Part 1)

It's been a 3 year training programme and now we are almost at the stage of graduating. Graduating into the totally servile and obedient eunuch maid for my purpose.

Today we are going to continue with the last of my medical procedure to castrate my maid by chemical and electrical means.

On entering the chambers smart is commanded to go into the punishment room and get into uniform. This consists of a white corselette, black seemed stockings, and black shoes. I intend to inspect her and invade her before the remaining uniform is applied. Left alone she starts to undress.

As I enter the room smart curtsey's. I'm pleased. I walk over to inspect her uniform so far. Before checking her stocking seems though, there is something in need of my attention. There appears to be some life left in the erectile tissue despite my last treatment being thorough and rigorous. I'm not best pleased. The treatments today may have to be more severe in nature. I decide an electrical butt plug is required to attack the prostate internally, as well as directing treatments via the erectile tissue itself.

Uniform inspected, it is time to apply the butt plug and keep it in situ by means of a harness. All sorted now.  I just need to control this erectile tissue with some temporary cooling gel, or tiger balm as it is otherwise known. Liberally applied to the area, I see an improvement almost instantly. Stockings now straight I leave her to continue with the rest of her uniform. She is instructed to present herself in the medical room when suitably attired.

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