Friday, 23 September 2011

Medical Mistress.

I'm indulging my blood letting fetish this week....and when I say blood letting, it's certainly not me letting. I've indulged in some venepuncture of the old fashioned kind. The kind that uses a needle and a syringe, the kind that takes a bit of time to draw the blood, time taken to enjoy the experience of watching my syringe slowly fill up with my patients blood until I'm satisfied he has given me enough. In this picture I've only taken 15-20mls....3 or 4 teaspoonfuls. Hardly enough for his circulation to notice, but enough for him to feel himself giving up to me. I love when I can feel it in my hands still nice and warm. Who needs a hot water bottle when I've got a syringe full of blood!

In other news I've recently managed to get my hands on some very very hard core needles. They are big bad biopsy needles....the kind that make Hercules faint! See below. I've got a few ideas on how best to use these needles but if anyone else would like to make a suggestion, I'm all ears. I'm now off on my holibobs and won't be back until almost Mid October. In the meantime....keep those suggestions for the needle usage coming. I'm off to enjoy San Francisco and The Folsom Street Fair!

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  1. Aspirating fluid from the prostrate gland !!!!!
    I'm running away now !