Friday, 22 July 2011

Tinkerings of sorts

Having been pointed in the direction of a new blog, I noticed that blogger has some new features since I last had time to wander about in the back room. It's been fun this morning adding other little bits to my blog that has taken my fancy. So now I've got a stat counter...go me 41,000 visitors...woooohooo! And also a little link to the most popular posts. This one is odd, it's not the posts that get the most comments or the ones that I think will be most interesting...but there ya go, I'm not such a know it all as I think!

I'll live with these changes for a day or so and see if I still like them. Not sure if it makes my page look all a bit too busy. Time will tell. I shall wander back every now and then to get a feel for the new look. In the meantime I might write a new blog.


  1. I have to say I like it. The page still looks tidy. The idea of the popular posts is a good one, I kind of feel I'm being directed and introduced to new and exciting visions of the Life and Times of a Wicked Woman. Yipeeeee !
    I know I'm crazy, feel like a kid in toy shop!

  2. I had the toy shop feel when I used the proper Google Analytics for the first time. I can see when and from where someone visited my website.
    As I have far fewer people reading my blog, it even allows me to compare times of comments with locations of visits and I can see whereabouts someone goes on a holiday! Very nice part of the country, I have great memories :P

  3. You'll need to do a tutorial for me then...:) I'm not on holiday until the end of next week. I'm at home still, not sure what part of the country the google analytics has me roaming to and from.

  4. Thanks for your comments rubbercelt....:)