Monday, 9 May 2011

Oh bugger!

Just as I've signed up for the Edinburgh 10k in October, I find out that my planned holiday trip to San Francisco coincides with it. Not to worry.....and not to be deterred, I've now signed up for the Glasgow 10k a month earlier. Fingers crossed nothing will come along and change this plan.

On the plus side....I'm going to San Francisco, and it coincides with the annual Folsom Street Fair, which I'm so excited about. Being in an environment that is so kink friendly and open will be such a contrast to the hide away society we are used to here in Scotland. I'm also looking forward to browsing the best in BDSM gear the US has to offer at the fair. I might just need an extra case for the flight back!


  1. Lucky you,I'm sure your looking forward to a great trip, looks as if Santa is going to come early this year !!! with perhaps new toys !!!
    Dear Santa.............

  2. I shall need someone to carry all said I'm looking for volunteers....:)