Sunday, 1 May 2011

Increments of Intensity

Today I want bondage. I want to immobilise him. I want him to feel it, just a little bit at a time. Before I start to bind him I ensure I have him invaded. I want to take advantage when the time comes. I lube up the metal plug and slip it inside him. His moans tell me the plug feels cold. My first plan is to get him into the spandex bodybag. It's cool but warms up quickly. It's already positioned on top of the leather bodybag so that when the time comes I can slip him into that. The spandex has a hood. I know he can still see me to a degree......the first degree of intensity. He's enclosed lightly. I run my hands all over his body, over the bodybag. He's warm and responsive to my touch.

Once I'm satisfied he is relaxed enough, I instruct him to bend his knees and I slip his feet into the leather bodybag. Pulling the sack over his shoulders I manoeuvre the rest of his body inside. Zipping up the bag I ensure the wires from the plug are free for when I need them. He's now sinking into the bodybag, or is it just the bondage? Again I run my hands all over his body. He is feeling the weight of the leather as I fasten the attached collar around his neck. After some time letting him enjoy this it's time to add in another head trip. The controller hood is the hood of choice. I leave off the blindfold and mouthpiece, for now. As I tighten the cord at the back I hear his breathing, it's slow and deep, like his headspace.

Back to his body. The thick leather straps on the rack are positioned equally down his body. Those thick straps hold the bodybag and it's contents tight to the rack as each one is pulled in turn. First across his chest, then his abdomen. Next his groin and thighs are strapped down before moving down to his lower legs. I take my time with each one, pulling, readjusting, smoothing them down. I'm enjoying every stroke, according to his breathing, so is he. This process has been slow and meticulous, just the way I like it. I move closer to smell the leather. I take a deep breath and get my high.

Lastly I snap on the blindfold and mouthcover to the hood. He is in darkness now with restricted breathing and unable to move.

I've yet to start on the electrics......


  1. Now you've got me drooling in anticipation again. Enjoying your blog very much.

  2. Excellent, drooling is allowed...even encouraged....:)

  3. My heart is racing,I feel hot, I'm sweating, I think I need to sit down, can't take much more of this; unbelievable. I love the description and the detail, I'm on my knees !!!!lol lol lol
    I want it to be me.

  4. I think the person in the bondage felt much the same....obviously not on his knees unless he was a contortionist...:)

  5. That is a wonderfully exciting (and arousing, if I may say frankly... and sluttily!) description, Lady Annisa, that instantly sent waves across my body and mind, all the more so with my being loaned to you by my Goddess not that far away now. What can I do other than REALLY look forward to the 3 of us spending intensely kinky time together, me in total and trusting submission, and pleasing and serving both of You... hopefully experiencing some of that gorgeous bondage in the process?! Cannot wait.