Friday, 6 May 2011

Enjoying the electrics

Since I bought my new Erostek box, I've found I'm using electrics more.....I just love it so much. With this in mind, I've bought quite a few duplicate implements and leads so that I can always have one sterilised and ready to use. Nothing worse than wanting to use something in particular to find out it's waiting to be autoclaved. While browsing around the net looking for duplicates of the sounds and anal plugs I've got, I found a new plug. One recently designed by Estim. Given its rocket shaped head, I thought this might just be something new and advantageous for trying to insert while I've got someone strapped to the gyn bed. I was not wrong, its shape means it glides in perfectly without having to get my poor patient to wriggle about at all.....he gets invaded in seconds. I'm loving it.

And what's even better, they come in different sizes......I think I might just be going back for another one or two...:)


  1. I think what Mistress has purchased here is, A weapon of mass destruction. It looks to me like a " bunker buster ", the kind that can penetrate no matter what. Mistress knows her weaponry and is on a mission of seek and invade.

  2. It certainly looks like it could do damage...and just think, there is a larger one than that on order, happy days, :)