Saturday, 16 April 2011

Venus or Aphrodite???

Whichever Goddess of Love you worship, Greek or Roman I bet she won't thrill/exhaust/exasperate/freak you out anywhere near as much as my new Goddess and partner in crime....Mistress Venus 2000.

Ok so she is officially called the Venus 2000 but you can call her what you like. I'm quite partial to calling her my mechanical rape machine.......she likes to rape, and keep on raping you until you beg, and I feel the compassion to stop. Then and only then will you get a rest from her attentions. However, I'm so fond of attention that I've taken to scrutinising exactly what you have produced, all in the name of medical science you understand. So the specimen produced is routinely examined and anylises under the microscope to check for mobility, fertility and virility......and of course for my amusement.

More on this later. I'm off now to mechanically rape and deseed another poor unsuspecting labrat. As I said, all in the name of medical science....I like to do my bit!

Lady Annisa
Clips of me being Nasty, or sometimes Nice Nurse!


  1. I can certainly see the appeal of being a medical experiment, just there for the Nurse/Mistress to enjoy.

  2. Indeed, nothing like giving up control when you give up the workings of your own body.