Friday, 15 April 2011

Being gagged!

A small collection of my gags....

Gags are sometimes so underrated, almost like an afterthought. I've done sessions where gags have been the main theme of the session. Admittedly it was with someone who loves fact you could call him a gag slut. So I wanted to talk about the different gags that I like and the benefits of each. Gags can be split into two broad groups. Those that fill and invade the mouth, and those that hold the mouth open.

I'll start with ball gags. They are what most people think of when first mentioning a gag. Recently one even featured in .Rihanna's S&M video. They come in various sizes so that even someone with a small mouth can find one to fit. They made the wearer drool, which can be embarrassing for them and amusing for me. These are a good starter gag to see if someone can tolerate a gag without too much difficulty. I usually like to start someone off with a ball gag and progress from there.....moving up sometimes to bigger and bigger bag gags.

Bit gags are good for a starter gag too. They don't fill the mouth too much, in fact hardly at all, but allow for lots of drool and restricted speech, but not complete silence. This in itself can be amusing if you keep asking them a question and of course you can't understand the response so you need to keep getting them to repeat it...and of course drool more.

Solid gags usually fill the mouth more, like the pecker gag above. They can be pushed right into the mouth and buckled really tight at the back. They still make the wearer drool, but mostly it's kept in their mouth until the gag comes out and and they embarrassingly produce all this saliva that they have not managed to matter how hard they tried. Communicating is much harder with these gags though not completely impossible. Which also makes for a lot of amusement when I keep insisting I've no idea what they are trying to say. I like to take my time taking this gag out, prolonging the torment and making the saliva slip off the gag onto their chest or other areas. I like to tease them about how much they are drooling over me!

Dental gas are good to use in the clinic but also good to use in the dungeon. They require the wearer to be able to open their mouth a fair amount. They cause discomfort in the jaws and allow me to invade their mouth completely. The invasion can take the form of my gloved hand for a full internal oral inspection with dental mirror, tongue depressor or probe. Or for me to syringe something into the oral cavity and amuse myself while the wearer struggles to swallow.

Inflatable gags take things a bit further. Some, like an inflatable pecker gag will just expand in the mouth between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. This makes the wearer feel stretched and can be uncomfortable in an amusing way. Others, like an inflatable butterfly gag will fill the main part of the mouth as well as inflate between the teeth and the cheeks. This can stretch the facial muscles, can be quite a mindfuck, and are not for the faint hearted due to how much they can be inflated. The wearer can feel like they are struggling to control their breathing as well as the gag reflex, especially if used in conjunction with nose clips.

I'm finding that there is so much more to say about gags, and so little time. I may have to do a part 2. In the meantime, enjoy part 1.

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  1. Very interesting. I've never used an inflatable gag, so I'll be anxious to hear more. Are there any gags that insure complete quiet? Even when I've stuffed my husband's mouth with panties or hosiery, and taped his mouth shut, there's still the ability to make noise. Can't imagine what it would take to stop all sounds completely.

  2. I like having to wear one,it can intensify the scene by not being able to communicate, especially if the torment is increased. It can also be incredibly funny because when mistress asks a question you can sound like a puppy dog whimpering and then she laughs and then it makes me laugh, which sounds hilarious,lol lol .

  3. I can drool just reading your blog.

  4. @ Lady Grey, thanks for your comments. Yes, like you I've found there is nothing yet that will silence the sub completely, no matter how hard I've tried. But then it is fun trying. I was going to include the simple hosiery and tape gag in part two so thank you for reminding me.

    @ rubbercelt, being able to laugh and have fun is a huge part of sessioning with me, interspersed with intensity of course.

    @anon, thanks for the comments, but if you're going to least come into the light and let me view it, no point in wasting a good visual....:)

  5. Gags never meant much to me. I never really saw any potential in them or thought there is a big deal in wearing them.
    This post now converts me from ignorant to fascinated and a little scared.

  6. That's an interesting point you make HB. There are quite a number of toys, and certainly a few activities that did not interest me much until something, maybe a conversation, maybe a picture or sometimes an article sparked my interest. This might be a good subject for another blog, thank you.

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  9. I adore being tightly gagged, particularly with a rubber gag (and I do drool, unavoidably and humiliatingly). Such a powerful means of control over the "victim's" ability to express himself/herself verbally, one of the most basic of human functions. Had a great Studio Gum inflatable gag that filled my cheeks used on me just this Saturday (with hood) in session with a Mistress my Goddess shared me with.

  10. Thanks for your comments bootslave. I love it when I see drool...:)

  11. I like drool with specially inflatable mouth gag , the orgasm really faints me with shut mouth with heavy mouth gag . really amaging