Monday, 18 April 2011

Being fully bound and mechanically raped!

This is the scenario I've been playing around with since I've bought my new toy, Mistress Venus. Now that I've let the cat out of the bag it's not going to be such a surprise any more to bound up slaves. However, in the past few weeks I've enjoyed the control and thrill of using it on a fully immobilised specimen when they are hooded or blindfolded and have no idea what I'm doing. I've been told it's quite a head trip...and that's before I start mucking about with the controls. I enjoy making it go faster, getting you worked up to the point of almost there....and then taking it back to almost nothing. Just enough for you to feel it, and then let the pressure build up slowly again. I've had one person beg and plead with me to either let him cum, or stop, as the orgasm tease and denial were just about too much for him. Of course I only did what I wanted to do, and when I wanted. With much hilarity on my part. I also like whispering to them about being mechanically raped by me, and there is not a thing they can do about it, being fully restrained they just need to submit to whatever comes their way (or not) depending on how considerate I'm feeling at the time.

It's been a large investment for the premises. Given that and the recent purchases in the way of electrics, I might just need to stop spending for a while. However, given how much I'm enjoying it, I'd say it was worth it. After releasing one lucky latex bondage bunny from her grip I asked if it was worth the £1000 spent on her, he replied she's worth £2000!.....:D

Lady Annisa
Clips of me being Nasty or sometimes Nice Nurse!


  1. Where did you buy such a devious device??? What does it do? Please tell us!

  2. How delightful! Have you thought of adding "Deep heat", toothpaste or chilly seeds into the mixture?

  3. @anon, The link to where I got it, and how it works, is here....

    @ aziraphale, I am keen to try other things with this including electrics (I've heard of someone making receivers with electro bands). However, I want to check before I do any of this if anything will cause the degeneration of the latex liner. I look forward to finding out!

  4. The Mistress has yet another wicked device to torture with. Just thinking, imagine if you had a surgically implanted device that Mistress could operate remotely !!!. Just dreaming !!! I wonder what the procedure would be for this ????

  5. @rubbercelt, I have actually done such a role play....but of course if I say too much here it will ruin the surprise should i wish to go there again!...:)