Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The tip of the iceberg

This is a picture taken recently while using my new Erostek in conjunction with my trusted friend the estim. The Erostek gives you so many different variable programmes to play with,(18 pre programmed ones and many more you could create) a big advancement on the estim. Though the estim still has it's place. I'm still at the stage of using the very basic functions but don't be fooled into thinking basic is not intense. There are many added features of this box that I've yet to get to grips with, like audio control, linking it to music or the microphone that can turn ambient sound, music or even my voice into stimulation. I'm looking forward to getting to grips with that.

The picture above shows the 2 lead outputs from the Erostek, and 2 from the estim. The erostek is linked to the metal butt plug, and also to the metal sound and one pad on the shaft of the cock. The estim is linked to the blue cock bands on the cock, and just out of shot a double pinwheel that was used to torture nipples when I had my hands free. During this session I was also doing some breathplay with the new latex rebreather hood (just about visable in the picture below). However, I think the intensity of the electrics where telling on this poor victim as there were times when he was forgetting to breath. I think his poor brain was fried.


  1. Intense! I love a good pic of CBT with my morning tea. :)

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  3. It beats my 1.5 V Battery