Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Say hello to Bob!

This is bob. He is my very willing sparring partner. He is black, smells beautifully of leather and has gorgeous stainless steel D rings to hang him from. He resides at my premises and comes out to play in between sessions to give me a good boxing workout. If you're not convinced about women boxing why not ask me next session for some punch play and we can see how many you can take!! As I said, Bob comes out in between sessions mostly although he has been known to come out during sessions so I can alternate my punches between Bob and a real live punchbag. It's always good fun when the real live punchbag does not know whether to block his chest, face or genitals.......I usually manage to punch below the belt on a good few occasions....The Queensberry Rules don't apply here....more like Queenies rules! (Blackadder 2 reference there for anyone interested!) As you can see Bob is hanging from one of the winches on my suspension unit, I quite fancy the idea of hanging a real live punchbag from the other winch so there is no getting away from me. On occasions the real live punchbags have tried to get out the ring, but Queenie always manages to catch her prey!

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