Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Playground Antics.

While chatting to someone last week he mentioned that I must get the odd person who comes to me whose body I find repulsive. This took me aback. Unless someone is lacking in personal hygeine then I'm never phased by any body, even the ones that don't work that well! I've always had a fascination with bodies, male, female, big, small, fat, thin....the lot. As long as it was breathing then there has always been something interesting about each one. I'm fascinated by different shapes and sizes, and although bodies are basically the same, I'm interested in the different reactions and how widely they can vary depending on what you're doing to them. I'm also fascinated by how certain physical sensations have such a profound effect on the headspace of someone at any given time.

I view bodies as my playground. Somewhere for me to get lost in, to use, have fun with, manipulate, contort, control and just generally please myself with. I'm beginning to think I'm having my second childhood and playing with all these bodies is like playing with my dollies again! The dollies didn't scream though when I snapped their arm off.....some of my playthings today might!!!!

For those interested in the two images...He has a metal anal hook inserted which is attached to a forward pulley on the rack, at the end of the pulley is a bag of marbles (so it's easy for me to add more weight!). Both his wrists and ankles have cuffs which are then attached to spreader bars. The spreader bars are tied to the overhead gantry on the rack. His balls are tied up with weights added. He is placed on the rack so that the weights fall down through the purpose built hole in the rack into the cage below. He has a head harness on, which is attached to another rope and pulled backwards towards the other pulley on the rack, this has some wieghts added to the silver bucket which is attached so that his head is pulled in one direction while his ass is being pulled in the other!


  1. A beautiful piece of bondage! I love the push/pull aspects of what you did to him and I often employ similar "opposing restraints" on my husband. I love watching him deal with the dilemma as I let the time pass and amuse myself with his helplessness as I gradually add weights to his various body parts. I hadn't thought of marbles - good idea!

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  3. Lady Annisa, So complex! I love it and I'm sure the thigh highs added to his humiliation. I also liked your thoughts on various bodies and your delight in them. MsMarie

  4. @ Lady Grey, thanks for your comments. I do like a good piece of predicament bondage and watching the dilemma. I've been experimenting lately with a bit of predicament pain scenarios with the dilemma that if things move one way they get something nice but with it comes a fair bit of pain. Watching the dilemma on their faces as they try to decide if the treat is worth it, is priceless!

    @ Vertigo, thanks for your kind comments. I tend to have a general idea about a scenario and then it becomes a bit of an improvisation as it unfolds. Sometimes because what I had in mind will not work as I planned or sometimes just because I suddenly get a fiendishly better idea.

    @ Ms Marie, Thank you too for your nice comments. I love reading other Female Dommes accounts of what they have been up to, it sparks the imagination and makes sure things don't get stale.....hence following your blog. Love it!

  5. I've just found you blog and I must admit that I like what I see here. Especially I find your description above very intriguing - it may be used as a manual for private purposes. :-)