Saturday, 8 January 2011

Purging the Xmas Excesses and a Few Firsts.

His first session of the New Year, mine too. He looked a bit more rotund after his indulgences. Lack of exercise has no doubt played a part in his new girth too. I decide that exercise can be dealt with another day. Today my medical room needed to be used. The last few sessions before the New Year had been in the dungeon, and my Mad Scientist/Nasty Nurse urges had been getting stronger. I wanted to use him again, abuse him again and indulge in my favourite fetish.

I knew he had been wanting to try the largest sound. He had mentioned it before. I always wait until I am ready to do anything new. So a New Year seemed like a good time to indulge him and see if he could take the size 32 Van Buren. He has taken a size 26 before, so it's quite a leap. After the usual preparation I started slightly lower in girth, firstly with the ribbed sound, then the size 28. These both produced a spacing of my Labrat, and a lot of lubrication from his cock. Then we move onto the size 30. I could see him watching in the mirror opposite. With a Van Buren it's better to have him flat, so the mirror opposite was where he was getting his best view of that long steel intruder being gently but firmly guided down into his cock. There is a bit of manipulation of the angle of his cock, something that causes him no heartache. I know when I've reached his sphincter. There is a tiny bit of resistance, while I coax the end of the sound gently so that the sphincter muscle relaxes. I also know when we have invaded that sphincter. There is an easing, a gentle giving way of his body to my persuasion. He moans, his eyes are glazed, he relaxes even more to the pleasurable waves he feels with his bladder now invaded. I know we are in his bladder, we have gone passed and hugged the prostate, in itself a pleasurable experience, but not the same as gaining entry to this new cavity. My domain. I know he has never been invaded in his bladder like this other than with me and I revel in being the first, marking my territory. He is mine, and he knows it. If he is lucky, I sometimes do a rectal digital examination and massage his prostate while using a vibrator on the shaft of the sound. It can cause immense sensations. But not today. I want to move up with the sounding. Keeping everything sterile is paramount. Anal exams are only entered into once I've introduced the last sound.

Next we go for the size 32. It looks huge. I show him and tease him. I can tell his urethra has been stretched, we can both see the opening is now larger than when we started. However, this time the sound is a little more reluctant to go in. It does start going in well, but about 2 inches in it won't go any further. I try to manipulate it gently but I think we have come to our limit for size today. Forcing it in is not in the least recommended so I stop. Another day we will revisit the size 32. However, having seen how well his opening has stretched, I'm formulating some ideas. First I renew my gloves for sterile ones, then some sterile lubricant on my small finger. I want to see if he can take the length of my finger. It cannot be any wider than the sound. Sure enough, I can manage to slide in the tip of my finger at least. Even for me, the mental aspect of invading him, is huge. Not just with my implements, but now with my own body. Eventually I can tease half of my pinky finger into his urethra. No trauma, no blood, just a giving way and stretching of his urethral lining. We are both amazed. Now I decide I'm going to introduce something I heard about when in Berlin. I'm not sure if he knows yet what I have planned, but it soon become apparent when I slip off my stiletto and glide over it the finger of a new pair of sterile gloves. Again sterile lube is used as I tease him verbally about where this gorgeous slim (though not too slim), black, sleek heel is going. He is under my heel in more ways than one. He is quiet as I concentrate on pulling the glove, tight over the heel, as the tip of it comes into contact with his urethral opening. It does go in, not much, but enough for us both to get a huge high, racing pulses and a quickening of our breath.

After spending some time doing clean procedures it was time to move onto another area. His rectal area was left until last. I've planned an enema for him. First it's to be a soap and water enema to nicely clean him out. I then intend to add in my own urine which I've been producing all day just for this scenario. I want him to feel full. I want him to feel full of me. So I start. I begin with the soap and water. He starts to feel full quite quickly but I don't want him to expel it just yet. I want him to feel some cramping in his abdomen. I just enjoy palpating his abdomen until he starts to squirm when the waves of cramping start. They come and go. I like having him squirm. After a while I let him release the fluid that is causing him his discomfort.

While he is away I review my enema equipment and fill up the bag with my piss. Having just added to it again there is quite a lot. I've some left over from my recent emptying so I fill up the funnel that is going to drip, drip, drip into his mouth. Filling him up at both ends. Back in the gyn chair and made to recline back, legs in knee troughs and bottom facing up. I decide to deal with the oral administration of my fluid first. A nice mouth retractor gag helps keep his mouth open and free for the urine to drip in. Once all set up I go back to his bottom. I insert the nozzle and administer his second enema of the day. Nice and warm and distinctly me. I keep telling him how he is being filled up, filled up by me, and with me. It's something he revels in and even though I will let him expel this piss enema in time. He will be recycling my water for another few hours yet.


  1. Lady Annisa,

    Some of the things you do sound very erotic. I also give my husband enemas but mostly for punishment. If he swears I wash his mouth with soap and give him a soap and water enema to clean him out. After he expels the first enema I give him an ice cold water enema. He cramps up immediately and is in great pain. After he expels that enema he gets a spanking OTK and does corner time for 1 hour.


  2. Hi Karen, thanks for your comment, I've only just read it. I've yet to do a punishment enema, as you said the things I've done so far are more leaning towards eroticism. Shall bear in mind about the cold water enema....sounds like fun (for me!).