Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

I've been snowed under...literally, with one thing and another lately. Lots of fun has been had though. It does not look like easing up over the next few days then Christmas will be upon us. So I'm taking this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog, either publicly or anonymously. Thanks for the comments over the past few months and keep them coming.

Thanks also, to everyone who supported me with my challenges this year, sorry guys but it looks like there may be one or two more in 2011. Not to worry though, it's all for a good cause (Marie Curie Cancer Care), they do such brilliant work. It's easy to get caught up in all our own wishes and desires, be they kink or vanilla so when people have taken the time and effort to support me in my charity challenges it is very much appreciated.

I've still got one more donation to collect which I'm hoping to do before the end of December and then I can publish the exact amount raised this year. As an aside, while getting the Christmas tree organised this year I've realised how many Thank You cards I've collected over the year. Lovely as they are, I'm getting concerned and want to do my little bit for the environment. So I'm asking those that normally bring me a Thank You card to refrain from now on, and please put the loose change you would have spent on the card in my charity box. For every donation made, I will match it, and hopefully this time next year we can count a small sum and give it to either my chosen charity or a new charity of choice. After spending a few days at the moon bear project in Chungdu  I'm thinking this would be a worthwhile cause. Heartbreaking stuff, and I don't mind saying, this particular softy was reduced to tears on one or two occasions during her visit.

For those of you getting withdrawal from kink......

 Just for you!


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  2. Thank you vertigo. And good wishes to you too...:)