Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow called off play

I hate the snow. I had a pervy day arranged with a whole host of other players today, was even planning doing my first Double Domme session in a while, but alas, the lack of gritters has put that on hold for the time being. So I'm stuck and thought I'd use the time productively. A new gallery is going to be added to my site soon, so I'm looking through all my folders for shots I want on there. I've also come across quite a few that are not exactly gallery material...but worth sharing. Now the dilemma is, shall I show some nice leather bum shots of me....or a rogues gallery of all my subs and sluts who make me smile so much...oh decisions, decisions...!

Ok, leather bum shots it is, maybe the subs and sluts will make it on here later in the day. You might even recognise yourself!

Ok, so they are not all bum shots, but hey I'm allowed artistic licence!


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  2. I don't really have a preference. It will depend on my mood and the circumstances of the session or even the weather for me to decide one over the other. Latex is a tad more difficult to wear when it's really hot. Both have such a lovely distinctive smell which I like to enhance with regular latex/leather shine and protector. Some people might even get to shine me up whilst I'm wearing it!