Friday, 19 November 2010

Scrotal infusion, futher thoughts

I've had quite a few emails with comments regarding the scrotal infusion since that blog has gone live. Mostly people are of the impression that you need to be a hard core masochist to enjoy something that distorts and modifies your body so much. As far as I'm concerned that is not true. Firstly, yes there is pain when the venflon is introduced to the scrotum, but not much more than an ordinary needle going in, something that though painful is very transient. Once that pain subsides there is very little discomfort afterwards. The scrotum itself will stretch and accommodate the extra fluid quite easily. Obviously this depends on how loose the sack is to start with, having a warm shower, and covering the area with a warm towel beforehand help to bring the testes down out of the body cavity somewhat and stretches the scrotum to allow for a bit of manoeuvrability which you also need to make sure the testes are right out of the way before introducing the venflon.

So technical stuff aside, people assume I enjoy doing this sort of procedure because I'm sadistic and the patient is a masochist. Not so. As I've explained there is very little pain involved. For me the big attraction is first and foremost the fact that someone trusts me enough to let his crown jewels be modified in this way. Men are very protective of their gonads, and messing around with them can mess around with their head. Giving up that concern and handing over their well being to me is a rush. It's a very intimate procedure for me. The whole setting up, letting the patient watch as I get all the equipment ready, sterilise my trolley, snap on my gloves, use antiseptic handwash, let them smell it, cleanse the scrotum with skin steriliser....all of this ritual feeds my medical and control fetish, as well as letting them revel in the visual delights of their medical fetish.

Once things are underway the infusion really takes care of itself. I just keep a close eye on the infusion site and the drip rate. Of course the patient can watch the drip rate too if it's something that he enjoys. Mostly though this gives me free time to go back up to the other end of the gyn bench and spend some close time with the patient. This can involve breathplay, anaesthetic roleplay, dental fetish, nipple play, needles.....anything really that allows me to be up close and personal ensuring I maintain that intimacy that I enjoy and get so much out of. I love being able to look into their eyes while telling them how much I'm modifying them for my own amusement and pleasure.

Of course this is not something that can be done quickly and then the patient discharged home with no follow up. It does not lend itself well to hiding this sort of activity from spouses or significant others as it can take a few days to return to normal size and even longer for any bruising to disappear if it has occurred. There is some follow up checking required on my part. I like to keep in daily contact afterwards for up to a week. This allows me to keep a close eye on bruising, reabsorption rate and any worries the patient may have about his post op care. I've never had any problems yet, but a good nurse always takes post op care seriously!

Edited to add, in medicine the correct spelling for the word sac is how I've used it in this blog. It's been pointed out to me on various occasions that I keep spelling it wrong! I did change it to the more commonly used sack to start with, but now I'm getting bored with it. Sac it stays, if you don't like it....tough!

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