Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New Pictures

I've only managed to find room for a handful of pictures on my site, so here is another little selection until I get time for a gallery.

I know we've seen these shoes before, but they are my favourites at the moment.

This is a lovely latex apron made for me and if you cannot see it properly the funnel is attached to an inflatable gag for watersports....latex lends itself so well to watersports scenes!

Just showing a bit of leg!

A lovely POV (point of view) shot from inside the gas mask with the breathing hose leading away from it.

Can you tell I love my apron?

A POV shot for shoe and foot worshippers to enjoy.

Am I showing my stocking top?? Is that the reason for the sharp intake of breath?, no it's the thought of the gas mask!!


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  2. Good question vertigo. It's mostly just a personal preference. I know many Mistresses do use them and enjoy them greatly. Though it's not something I've tried, they both don't really hold much interest for me. I find that you can get someone really quite spacey and feeling like something has been administered with good roleplay and the use of some exceptional breath control devices, and certainly much easier to bring them round without side effects afterwards...:)