Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Love

This woman.

I think she is beautiful, sexy, alluring and just all round amazing. If I was lesbian, she'd be the first one I'd be lusting after!

You can see just how versatile her performances are by this performance on the Jools Holland Show. I've seen her a few times live and never been disappointed. She just oozes madness which I can identify with.

However, the way she acts on stage or how she looks is only a small part of the attraction. In this interview and also this interview she talks about how she feels about her performances. A lot of what she says I can identify with, especially her relationship with the audience and how she unravels during the show. I feel the same about sessioning, how I unravel during the session, not physically, but mentally. Sessions allow me to be different things during the same session. I enjoy being evil, nasty, playful, mad, affectionate, powerful etc. I like to think that when I'm there, in the moment, the person I'm with is getting all sides of me. If they want someone who is one thing and one thing only (IE strict) then we are not suited. I want to be all of me, I want to be authentic and true to myself and have no hiding behind a persona. If that does not fit in with someones fantasy then they are not going to enjoy our time together. I hope though, that my selection process helps me identify who would be a great play partner for me and who would be better seeing someone else. I'm not adverse to recommending another Mistress who I think would be more suitable and have done on many occasions.

Back to Camille, here is another example of her giving it her all. I have to say as much as I love her, I don't do so much of the rolling about the floor, tears streaming down my face....or in fact consuming of the falling down water as she enjoys...but I love her for it none the less.

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