Saturday, 18 September 2010

Wow Moments

There have certainly been plenty of Wow Moments in my life over the last few weeks. This being one of them, after spending half a day trekking and bushwhacking our way up onto the Great Wall. You just about catch your breath from the hiking to have it taken away again by the enormity of the view and the scale of what you are standing on.

Thanks to everyone who supported me on this trek, be it financially with sponsorship (almost £3600 raised at last count!) or emotional support due to my reasons for doing it (especially bill, ian and Alan) and also those who gave practical help and support (bill and ian again, as well as Ann, Alan and David). Without all these people in my life, I would not have even attempted this challenge never mind completed it. Massive kudos to you all.

Lastly I'd just like to thank S, the reason I did this challenge.....Miss You Much , never far from my thoughts!

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