Sunday, 26 September 2010

Time for Some Pervery

I've now been back over a week and fully back into the swing of things. Including enjoying my new toy, well, when I say toy it's more of an addition. I've had overhead suspension for a while, but with no winch it made it quite limiting, though it was good enough for what I wanted initially. This was in essense to raise someones arms above thier head and give a sense of vulnerability. It soon became apparent to me that what I wanted was much more flexibility in creating vulnerable states. So while I was off trekking half way around  the world my two trusted house slaves camped out at my place to do a few odd jobs, and to put a big smile on my face by fitting an electric winch. And smile I did!!!! I'm absolutely delighted with it and what I can do with it. I've been hampered at the moment by that fact I don't have proper suspension cuffs but I've still been able to have fun using rope, my suspension bar and some imagination.

With any free time I've had this week I've been busy scouring the net for the best quality suspension cuffs (ankle and wrist). Unfortunately, my most favourite supplier, Top to Bottom Leathers, can only do the wrist ones, so they have been duly ordered. The ankle ones are going to be ordered today from Fetters and hopefully won't be too long in the making. Then I can really get devious with my plans for another way to have total access to all areas....happy days.

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