Thursday, 2 September 2010

Invasions and insertions.

I've been doing lots more medical sessions these days. Which is understandable as my new medical site just went live about a month or so ago. I don't like prescriptive sessions so the people who have come to me (and I guess the people who I appeal to) are ones who quite happily give up control as well as have a medical fetish. These two aspects are not mutually exclusive, thankfully, so when combined it makes for my ideal patient...:)

Which brings me onto what I wanted to talk about...invasions, either anal or urethral. I love to do both in a slow, controlled manner. Always reminding the patient that they are giving up control for a reason. I enjoy pointing out the fact that I see it as a role reversal. A compliant male being made to submit to penetration by the female, having to open themselves up, either enjoying or not the vulnerability that these actions and feelings bring. It's quite a headtrip I find.

In some cases the patient likes to watch as the shiny urethral sound is being passed along the length of their penis, some would rather lie back and just feel the sensations as they wash over them. Some get a thrill as we go larger and larger with the sounds, especially when they could not imagine even the smallest of sounds going in there. Van buren sounds are the best for the mindfuck indeed. With their curved end, you can see the look of horror when they first see it and cannot for the life of them imagine how that rather curvaceous gal is going to go all the way in (in many people I've managed to get by the bladder sphincter into the bladder). Getting to the bladder is a whole new ball game too. Both patient and Nurse know exactly when that last little sphincter has been invaded, the sensation for the patient can be overwhelming, and as The Practitioner, you certainly know when you feel that sphincter give way and let you invade yet another orifice......lovely.

When it comes to the proctoscopy clinic, much the same feelings are well as physical sensations when you happen to include the prostate. Again some people like to watch as the rather large proctoscope slides in, well placed mirrors in a medical room are a must for this, as well as an overhead medical lamp to get some light on the subject. I like to make sure the scope is nice and cold, so they can feel the lovely cold steel making it's way into their body. This cold feeling does not last long, as you know metal is a good conductor of heat, so body heat brings this little cold fellow to life. So much so, one person asked recently if I had added electrics to the scope as he could feel it heating up....:) Once in, the inner introducer can be removed and a light attachment added for further investigation. This adds to the feelings of vulnerability and can sometimes feel humiliating, depending on the dynamic.

One last thing to mention is the mind-blowing sensation if you happen to combine the introduction of Van buren sounds, which hug the prostate on it's way to the bladder, with some anal and prostate exploration. Being able to digitally feel both the prostate and the sound via the anus can cause quite a stir down there. This is where a totally electric state of the art gynae chair comes in handy. The Nurse no longer has to arch her back and become a contortionist just to get everything to click into place, it's all so effortless now, giving much more time and energy to concentrate on the patient and the reaction to his treatments.....:)

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  1. When I first read this post, a few years ago I think, I enjoyed it but what it described was firmly in the "not for me" category. I had experimented with insertions of various sorts when I was younger, but my enthusiasm had waned... and yet rereading this post, I found my reaction was quite different. I always enjoy your descriptions of your torments and procedures, but my eye was caught this time by the detail and your descriptions of your slaves helplessly observing your inexorable invasions of their secret spaces... whether I'm quite ready for what you describe here I'm not sure, but I'm surprised to find how different my reaction is now...