Thursday, 30 September 2010

Insanity Calling

Insanity seems like home every time I get a new phone, and today was no different.

This phone was bought for me, like my last 2 by someone who knows me well, and knows how frustrated I get when I cannot figure out how to work the bloody things. Hence the reason I've never gone for a Blackberry et al, I would have stomped on it with my best Jimmy Choos (aka, a good old pair of Doc Martins) or fed it to the dog when the going got tough.

So the features for my new phone as always, I think, are quite straightforward. It should be the same make as my last one, one or two models up, have the same basic functionality, and easily accept any data to be transferred over.....sounds simples so far (as Aleksandr would say!) Not so in my little world today......:(

Today was a day of communication drought, no phone calls to be had, no texts (not that they are allowed) no groovy ringtone, no address book, not even a hint of a carrier pigeon called Speckled Jim. However, I kept my cool, didn't stamp on it once, left the dog hungry and ordered someone else to sort the problem out. As of tonight, I have full connectivity and normal service has resumed. Not sure we can call it sanity though....:)

Ps, No animals were hurt in the making of this blog. The only dogs I own are my lovely human puppies....:D. And as you no doubt know, Speckled Jim was shot and ate by Blackadder, nought to do with me g'vner!

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