Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Onwards, Upwards and Outward Bound!

I had a 3 hour session booked with one of my long term slaves on Sunday. It was such a glorious day, not something that happens often in Edinburgh and not one I was going to miss taking advantage of. So a last minute change meant throwing a select few items into a bag, dressing my slut in appropriate underwear and corset under his clothes and heading out into the sunshine to enjoy a bit of outdoor pervery.

Given that Edinburgh city centre is jam packed at the moment with festival goers I decided it was best to head to the coast. Before long we were sitting on a lovely bench looking out over the water enjoying the suns rays while my little subbie boy was enjoying some carefully timed electric shocks to his cock and balls. It was most amusing, given that he had a corset on so was finding it difficult to sit comfortably in the first place. When I added in a little (or large) shock every now and then, I'm sure passers by thought he was having some sort of seizure, most embarrassing for him, and most amusing for me. We then went for lunch, he was only allowed to drink the special apple juice I had brought along for him, while I enjoyed my coffee and him squirming every now and then when I teased him about his slut status. Other torments included nipple clamps, tied up balls, electrics that when in tune to the music while driving and an apple core being used as a gag. As I said, all very amusing for me. We then returned to my premises to extend the session by an hour and torment him further. It's true what they say, getting out and about does you the world of good. It did for me anyway!

One of my houselaves has suddenly burst into activity and finished all the little tasks he has promised to do for me as well as a little surprise. He made me a latex vac bed over a year ago and has promised to make me a latex apron with the left over latex, so that arrived at my premises at the weekend with this other little surprise, a lovely latex pillow. I was delighted. I've been looking at buying a latex pillow case for the past few weeks so I'm glad I hadn't got round to it. I also want a latex patient gown but there is no more latex left so I will ask one of the latex designers if they could do it for me. I'm sure it will be easy to do, it looks fairly simple.

My electric winch arrived today. I've not had an opportunity to see it yet but I'm very excited about getting it sorted. I've spent part of my day off today trying to source some enema equipment that I'd like. It's not proving very fruitful which means I'm a tad frustrated.  However, onwards and upwards with the google searching.

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  1. I very much enjoy your posts that recall individual sessions, Lady Annisa - and I often reread this one, as the "real world" setting is very appealing. Would love you to blog more about your outward bound adventures!