Friday, 6 August 2010

Festival of Kink

Well my little town of Edinburgh is heaving with lots of lovely interesting, outrageous, gorgeous and not so gorgeous people. Which can only mean one thing, the Edinburgh Festival is in town. I went out last night to see Camille O' Sullivan, a gorgeous vocalist with a cleavage and corset to die for. I've been to her shows a few times before and certainly was not disappointed. Though I was disappointed she did not come over and fawn over one of my male companions like she did last time. It was also an opportunity for me to wear a corset in public, far too rare an opportunity these days.

My new clamp has arrived and I've already rigged it up onto my gyn chair and it works perfectly. One of my houseslaves is very clever with adapting various items and between the two of us we have come up with a fair few items that may just be making an appearance in the medical room soon. Before long I'm sure my medical room will resemble more of a mad scientists lab than a treatment room. Don't worry though, it will still remain clinical, clean and uncluttered. Like my dungeon, I prefer my space to look and feel uncluttered. I think the crossover will suit my mood quite well. As I said before I'm getting more into the mad scientist meets nasty nurse role all the time.

On the subject of experiments, I'm going to be experimenting with a few different recipes for enemas. So far I've tended to stick with salt/water or soap/water or golden enemas. Having read a bit more about honey and milk enemas on someone else's blog, I decided to look into more adventurous enemas for differing sensations. The honey and milk one or milk and molasses are definitely more of a punishment/humiliation enema as they can lead to cramping and possibly wind....not one for everyday kink! If I was feeling very kind I might administer a nice herbal enema and then tuck the patient up in bed with a nice bedtime story. On second thoughts, I think I'll go back to the punishment enemas. Far more scope for me to have fun while the patient is in pain....:)

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