Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The 3 Canes Challenge

Anyone done the 3 Peaks?

If so, time to try the next thing. The 3 Canes Challenge!

Below is an account written by my caning slave A. It was written in the hours just after this challenge. If you like CP, you may well enjoy reading his thoughts and feelings and you're welcome to add your own thoughts to the comments below.

Three  Cane Challenge

Last week Lady Annisa gave me details of the challenge she had set for me and today I  found myself in her dungeon being restrained over her bench. She was not going to release me until she saw fit and that was only going to happen when she was totally satisfied.

I closed my eyes as I waited for my caning to start. The three canes had been selected and I had been assured by Lady Annisa that she would be using them for no less than an hour. I felt apprehensive and with good reason. Would she break me and hear me begging for mercy The only certainty was that she would show me no mercy and not release me until she decided.

I heard the first stoke slice through the air before a thin line of searing pain penetrated deep in to my buttocks. I felt as if in shock and tightened
my grip on the bench as further strokes caused equally  intense pain. It would be easy to panic but I must stay calm in an attempt to remain in
control. I repeat phrases over and over in my head. Can take the pain. Will take it. Serve my Mistress.  If I thought about how how many strokes were to come I would lose the mental battle Take the strokes one at a time. Look no further than the next stroke. Control my breathing. Listen to the music I hear the lyric “Judgement day is coming” over and over again. For me judgement day has arrived and my sentence is being administered.

After about sixty strokes I start to feel adrenaline pulsing through my body increasing my tolerance for pain. It helps me take the continuous strokes but also increases my desire for greater pain. I do not count cane strokes  but to begin with do have an idea of how many I have taken. Lady Annisa is hard ,fast and accurate with her strokes and within five minutes or so has given me around one hundred with the first cane. She pauses to catch her breath allowing me to try and slow my breathing down.

I decide to watch in the mirror when she restarts. I can see the flex of her came as it strikes my buttocks which absorb the energy before rebounding to receive the next stroke. I am now feeling in control and although the strokes are every bit as hard seem less difficult to take compared with the first strokes. That changes when the second cane is introduced. Longer than the first cane I immediately notice the difference and Lady Annisa is not holding back Every stroke is full on. I have tried to count the number of sets of six strokes but find myself unable to do so. However I am aware when about six hundred have been administered but beyond that point have no idea.

Up until now the third cane has lain in wait but I see Lady Annisa pick it up and flex it. The longest of the three it is the most severe. When I was first shown them after being restrained Lady Annisa told me none of them were suitable for beginners due to their severity.The first of two sets of six were applied and were challenging to say the least. However Lady Annisa decided they were not severe enough and created more space so she could lay the strokes on as hard as possible. She was in the zone now and there was barely a pause between the sets of six. It was not long before I could feel the unmistakable sign that there was slight bleeding. This seemed to release Lady Annisa’s inner sadist as she continued to give me the most severe cane strokes I have ever experienced from her. Her accuracy is second to none and that means that all six strokes of each set tend to land on top of each other. The speed of delivery is very quick but I have learnt to deal with this. I feel as if I am flying. I want her to maximise the pain and she duly obliged without having to be asked. She knows I will take it for her. We are both emitting contented sounds. Although the pain is all mine the pleasure is being shared between us. We are in that place far too few experience.

As the strokes continue I know there is more bleeding than I have ever before experienced. It excites me even more and heightens my pleasure. I know we are nearing the end. The hour from the first stroke seemed to pass quickly. As I wait to be released I notice blood splatter on the wall. She tells me my buttocks look very different from when she started and before taking a photograph wipes away the wet blood. When I stand up I notice blood spots appearing on the floor. We hug each other. 

I have taken her challenge and she has given her hardest ever caning. It is the best caning I have ever experienced. The bar has been raised for the next time.