Friday, 14 December 2018

Birching Update

I had one of my lovely chaps come along this week for a CP session with a difference. The following is his own account of the session.

I hope you enjoy.

Yesterday, I visited my Mistress Lady Annisa. We have sessioned  
together for a number of years from when I was a complete novice. I had no idea when I experienced CP with her at our first session that I would become the masochist I am today. If anyone reading this is looking for an exceptional disciplinarian then look no further.

There was a reason for me being a bit nervous on arrival yesterday or more accurately two reasons. I had made two birch’s from different materials and thought that both would be severe with the heavier the more severe. I had only been birched twice previously and until the first stroke of a birch is administered I an not able to predict how painful it is going to be. This was the first time from Lady Annisa.

Lady Annisa was very pleased with her two gifts and relished the  
prospect of using them. I had requested she birch me from cold and she was delighted to oblige. Once secured over her bench there was no escape for the next hour.

She selected the lighter of the two to start and I could hear the  
wonderful sound it made as she prepared to deliver the first stroke.  
When it landed I was taken aback by the pain across my buttocks and the second followed swiftly thereafter causing me to tighten my grip on the frame of the bench. Another four quickly followed before I was allowed a short recovery period prior to the next six being applied in the same manner. Sets of six continued to be administered in this way and it was only after around sixty strokes that I started to get some relief from the intense stinging pain that each stroke caused my endorphins began to kick in. I was aware that the birch was remaining intact which is more than I suspected might be the case for my derriere. After around one hundred strokes Lady Annisa started to use the heavier birch which was entirely different in that it was thuddier but still very painful in a different way. The strokes were really being laid on now still in sets of six and it was obvious this birch was losing little pieces. Strokes were administered from both sides to try and even the damage out.

Before long Lady Annisa told me she doubted we would complete an hour.  She knew I was struggling but I knew I would be able to continue unless my mistress decided the damage being caused was too great. I trust her completely She did tell me my buttocks were taking the strokes well so I was pretty certain I would be able to continue. I have no idea how many strokes were administered but by the time the heavier birch was retired there was rather less of it than when we started. There was however to be no respite since the lighter birch was brought back into use and as soon as the first stroke of it was applied full on now I realised that it was in fact the more severe of the two. Intense pain brings me intense pleasure and administering such pain brings my mistress pleasure as well.

Eventually the birches were retired and replaced with two canes but that is another story. Before and after pictures were taken by Lady Annisa and the latter shows the outcome of an hour of two birches and two canes.

Lady Annisa intends to set the next challenge since the birching was my request. I have no idea what that challenge will be but my  
resolution for New Year is to accept it and serve Lady Annisa by  
taking it.

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